Our Function as Knowledge Arbitrager

Leave a Nest America functions as Knowledge Arbitrager. We will offer various solutions to international partners with the power of high-value knowledge accumulated in the US. Also, this activity helps US science and technology to connect to the hidden needs existing in different countries.

The United States has led science, technology and innovation field in modern era. However, the knowledge does not often transfer to the industry in different countries because international communicator to bridge the knowledge and needs does not exist. We, as a professional of science and technology, can explore various research results and understand the value of them. We, as a business professional/communicator, can offer how to use such high value knowledge to our customer in concise but accurate manner.



Ryuta Takeda PhD

As a Ph.D. in biotech field, Dr. Ryuta Takeda is actively involved in deep-tech startup ecosystem in San Francisco and Boston, and passionate on bridging cutting edge US startups to Japanese and south east asia market.

He has organized startup showcase event “TECH PLAN DEMO DAY” series for 3 years in US to make it happen.

He received his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University.

Dai Yoshida  MBA, JD

Lawyer with MBA and Database Engineer background, Mr. Yoshida has been active as an entrepreneur, attorney, angel investor and active management of well known startups.  

Before founding his own law firm, he was Blackbelt Six Sigma at General Electric and Big database engineer at Blackrock.  Mr. Yoshida also served as Inhouse counsel for Sony Interactive Entertainment and Corporate Associate for Squire Patton Boggs.

Mr. Yoshida currently serves as a director for TBM, Japanese startup with Limestone based new material; Limex.  He also advises Plug and Play for both US and Japan.

Satomi Maeda  PhD

Dr. Satomi Maeda moved to the US after graduating from high school and attended university to study Psychology. Her doctoral research was about visual attention in dual-task situations.

While working on doctoral research, she was also working as an academic advisor for the undergraduate program in Psychology engaging in academic counseling, holding seminars and evaluating undergraduate curriculum.

Her passion is to bridge Japan and the United States in education programs especially in the context of education and human resource development.


With our scientific expertise, we can understand the hidden value of cutting-edge technologies in academia that can be developed for business. We help deliver yet unknown Japanese high tech to US market, and vice versa US ones to Japan.

We coordinate education tour for students and youth researchers. Our tour coordinate visits to university laboratories, corporate offices, incubation offices and so on to learn at the forefront of science and technology. Not only for the academic tour, we can arrange super factory tours.

Considering trying out Japanese markets? Looking for corporate collaborators in research and development? With our wide network of school teachers, academic researchers, R&D corporate partners, super-factories in Japan, we can conduct extended market research.