America functions as a HUB for exchange of knowledge and personnel between North America and Asia. We also assist in collaboration between schools and research institutes to aid global communication and creating universal educational programs.



Leave a Nest America Inc.

Ryuta Takeda Ph.D.

I am Ryuta Takeda, president of Leave a Nest America. I was born and raised in Tokyo Japan till my getting B.A. Then, I received Ph.D. (molecular biology area) in the Ohio State University. Now, with my scientific knowledge and Leave a Nest research and education platforms, I am shuttling between Japan and US. So far our main function is to bridge various Japanese students (from high school to graduate school) to innovative academic/start-up culture in US. This educational/training tour is to nurture their entrepreneurship. Needless to say for the start-ups, university-labs in US are, I believe, where innovation happen. I really hope Japanese students to touch this culture. With these experience, we’ve started bringing Japanese tech start-ups to US to help their marketing their technology.