Important Dates:

23 March 2015 Open for entry

12 June 2015 Deadline for business plan submission

15-17 Jun 2015 Interview session to choose finalists

22 June 2015 Tech Plan Grand Prix 2015 Kuala Lumpur Round

Research Management and Innovation Complex Seminar Room


Research Management and Innovation Complex Seminar Room, Universiti Malaya

12:00-15:30 Tech Plan Grand Prix program

15:30-16:30 Tech Plan Grand Prix after session


Our Partners

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Who’s eligible?

Anyone who has an idea for products or system in the area of Science including, Agricultural Science, Medical Healthcare, Biotechnology is welcome.

Team size:

No limits to team members but only 2 team members will be supported to travel free to Japan. The other members may go to Japan provided they will support for themselves for travel and accommodation fee.


Do we have to have prototype on the day of event?

Yes and No.

Yes, it will help the judges image your product if you have prototype.

No, it’s not mandatory to have prototype on the day of the event. However, make sure you can explain your plan with sufficient words to persuade the judge to realize your plan.


What is expected to be included on your business plan?

Please check the template.