TECH PUSH program
powered by Mitsubishi Electric

About This Program

Mitsubishi Electric is sharing their IPs (technologies developed inhouse) with young entrepreneurs/researchers to co-create future business. We are open to new business ideas and/or product ideas inspired by their IPs. And the program is to incubate the idea into real business seeds through a series of workshops. At the end of the workshops, we will have closed idea showcase events (i.e., pitch event) in front of Mitsubishi Electric members, and the selected teams will be awarded to further accelerate each plan!

List of the following technology to be discussed in this program:

  • Mitsubishi Electric’s “Smart Air Coating” Keeps Grime Off Metal & Plastic
    A new technology, Smart Air Coating, which helps to keep metal and plastic products free of dirt mixed with water, snow or ice, and dry dust and dirt. The company plans to apply the technology in products as soon as possible.
  • Mitsubishi Electric’s SeaAerial Antenna Uses Seawater Plume
    This is an innovative antenna system that shoots a column of seawater into the air to create a conductive plume for the transmission and reception of radio-frequency waves. The system can be easily implemented offshore or along shorelines. SeaAerial is thought to be the world’s first seawater antenna capable of receiving digital terrestrial broadcasts for normal viewing.


Platform E @ SIM Management House
41 Namly Avenue
Singapore 267616

*Note: Both Kick-Off Meeting (KOM) and Workshop will be held here

Program Overview

Kick-Off Meeting

First Batch: 14 April 2018 (Sat): 13:00hrs-18:00hrs
Second Batch: May 19, 2018 (Sat): 13:00hrs-18:00hrs

Introduction of Technology by Mitsubishi Electric
・Forming teams
・Ideation Workshop

Workshop Schedule

・19th May (Sat): Goal-setting, identifying issues
・30th June (Sat): Discussion on prototyping, user interviews
・22nd July (Sun): Finalizing business models

Participants are given until the Final Pitching Day to work on their projects

Final Pitching Day
11th August (Sat): 13:00hrs-16:00hrs


・3000 SGD for the Overall Winner
・Special Award (by Mitsubishi Electric) Winner can get 2,000 SGD for prototyping or R&D to create real products.

Entry Fee:


Should you enter?

If you are a student, researcher or entrepreneur, this is an opportunity for you to have some hands-on experience to work with corporate partners.

We accept anyone who is able to attend all the workshop sessions above.

This may be a game-changer to your career!

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