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Nowadays big companies seek people who can create a culture of innovation within the company and have the ability to realize their own ideas. However places that allow the nurturing of such talent are rare. So in order to gather these populations, we hold a business competition for the nourishment of talent. “Tech Plan Grand Prix” is one of the events from our nurturing programme for hardware makers called “Tech Planter”.

What is Tech Planter?

Tech planter is a platform to nurture young professionals to develop skills to put their ideas into business. Often time researchers have the technologies or ideas which can turn in to great products. However researchers do not have access to right pool of people who can help develop into sustainable business. Tech Planter will function as a incubation platform to develop such skills together with right partners.

Tech Planter’s business plan contests focusing in 3 areas

1) Tech Plan Grand Prix  2) Bio Science Grand Prix  3) Agri Science Grand Pirx


Grand Prix is held to gather group of people who has ideas in to one place. This will give a chance for teams to exchange ideas between groups or form new teams. By joining the contest, team will receive support from mentors to develop business plan and presentation skills necessary for successful startups.

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