Date:10th February 2018
Where:LEVEL3, Singapore

Meetup for tech startups, researchers, and multinational corporations.

Any question? Please e-mail to [email protected] (attn: Ryuta Takeda)

Featured Programs

TECH PUSH Ideathon workshop powered by Mitsubishi Electric:

  • Time: 14:45-15:45
  • Where: Main Hall
  • Participants will Think about hidden needs where Mitsubishi Electric's shinny technologies can be used. Mitsubishi Electric brings two technologies. 1) “Sea Aerial”, sea-water antenna, which It can install antenna in almost everywhere if sea water exists. 2)  Smart Air Coating, a novel hydrophobic coating with micrometer-scale bump. It can protect various surfaces from water and dust. If you would like to start a real business based on the idea generated in this workshop, we have additional program for you to join in (starting from April).

 Mini ideation workshop powered by DNP:

  • Time: 14:00-14:40
  • Where: Workshop room
  • Participants will think about novel application of printed electronics and microfabrication technology. DNP's professional will give you recent examples in the beginning of the workshop. Let's think the future of printing together!



TECH SMOOTHIE is an event that brings together students, researchers, start-up companies, incubators and business personnel of large companies, who are interested in developing Singapore's science and technology ecosystem. Various stakeholders gather in one place and mingle, sparking conversations and ideas that result in a delicious blend: innovation · product · business (SMOOTHIE).

At Tech Smoothie, various business stakeholders are exposed to the immense potential of TECH PLANTER MEMBERS, and explore the following aspects to promote collaboration: 1) the business plan itself 2)the core technology that makes it possible, 3) the passion and inspiration behind the pitch.

Meetup to Advance Business

Since 2014 Leave a Nest has operated a Seed Acceleration Program “TECH PLANTER” for real-tech startup in Singapore. In addition, we have held the showcase event “TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SINGAPORE” 5 times. This program is unique in Southeast Asia, and has received support from local universities, research institutes as well as acceleration and incubation agencies. A total of 86 local teams (TECH PLANTER MEMBERS) have registered in our community, mainly from start-ups originating from universities.

At this meet up, startups can search for funding agencies, business partners, as well as technical information to advance the project. VCs can explore investment opportunities. Additionally, students and young researchers who join this community, allow us to assist them in long-term recruitment matching.


Three Main Programs


  • R&D section of Japanese big companies have a lot of IPs still not implemented in our society. What if they lend it to you to develop business?  Companies everyone know will present their shiny technology. Join us to check the technologies!


  • Startups, large companies, VCs, etc. will showcase their own projects and ideas on business collaboration with partners in the forms of a booth and interaction with visitors. Small workshop will be given at that area, too.


  • Teams selected from the previous TECH PLANTER events and future TECH PLATER community startups/researchers will pitch. They will provide the venue audience with the possibility of business collaboration.

Date:  10th February 2018


1000-1100 Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speech
1100-1200 Elevator Pitch: Startup
1300-1400 Tech Push
1400-1600 Smoothie Booth
1600-1630 Elevator Pitch: Researchers
1630-1730 Closing Ceremony

Mapletree Business City, 20 Pasir Panjang Road (East Wing) #03-22/24, Singapore 117439
TEL:+65 9180 3309


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