Leave a Nest Singapore is the longest established overseas base which is highly active in South East Asia region. This headquarter undertakes a new journey to gather new talents and partners in the Asia Pacific (APac) region for bringing about new innovations through science and technology.

We are looking for Leave a Nest Singapore new members who would like to join us. University students are welcome to join Internship programs.



Leave a Nest Singapore Private Ltd.

Managing Director

Kihoko Tokue Ph.D.

I, Kihoko Tokue Ph.D., has taken up where our former president Dr. Andrew Gung has achieved in 5 years of active business in Singapore and in the region. I will be complementing what he has started and will also challenge new endevour for continuous growth of the company.

As a child I grew up in Singapore and Thailand so I feel very close to this region and I would like to contribute back to the society.

In the past 5 years, we have already taken part in 3 high-key projects to assist major Japanese companies with their operations in Asia. Furthermore, to nurture the younger generations, we have been participating in the largest Science event (Singapore Science Festival) for 2 consecutive years. This year, our enrichment programs would also be introduced directly into schools. We also take pride in training local talents by recruiting interns from the Universities. In fact, we now offer training of these interns both locally and overseas. Consequently, in the next 5 years the Singapore office will grow to be headquarter for South East Asian region and beyond.

We also work very closely with University researchers for them to apply their research output and technology to create new business or collaborate with industries. TECH PLANTER platform has grown since our start in 2015. in 2018 we are expanding further by including 6 countries from ASEAN region.

Leave a Nest Asia hopes to work closely with people who are willing to work to bring Advancing of Science and Technology for Global Happiness!

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