Research Consulting


Big name companies to small scale family-owned factories

We specialize in finding seeds which are likely to result in business and will accelerate research and development in the society. In addition we share the potential ideas within our company to come up with improved versions that can create new sustainable social values.

Training for Science and Technology


Providing highly specialized training for professionals

We provide highly specialized training for partner companies in the area of Science and Technology. We cater for sales persons as well as specialists who are involved in sales of the product and its development. This training can be used to share information among staff within the company.

Research and Development Support


Providing research accelerating services and consultancy

We help researchers in finding suitable partners with research facilities as well as industries to promote research activities. We explore possibilities of creating products from the ideas of researchers or people.We then assist them during the phases of product development and sales.

Media Strategy


We helped produce the TEPIA exhibition to show children their life in the near future.

We help create total media strategy for corporate services, products, museums etc. We use our research background to support media strategy needed to maximize the impact of events or contents.

Brand Strategy Consulting


We use various media categories and one of them is the use of comics to communicate specialized field of research

We can provide branding strategy support for specific research area or product. We support corporate endeavor into new territory in this rapidly changing society for establishing new brand image.

Accelerating Communication


Our publication line ups cater for school children to professional researchers. We can reach out to 150,000 readers

Through our publications, science workshops and events, we can reach out to various audiences. Not only that we know how to provide information in an easy-to-understand manner to ensure that important message get through.

HR Training System Development


We develop various workshops for various targets; such as the one for junior members, and also the QPMI workshop specialized for executives.

We develop internship program and HR cultivation program for companies. The running of Science Bridge Leader Training program with our clients helps their young employees enhance their ability and enriched their mind. This facilitate the improvement of the company’ s value and creation of new business.

Research Professionals Training


We develop unique leadership training for universities based on our original Science Bridge Leader program.

We hold the career support event “Career Discovery” for young researchers, undergraduate and graduate students. We also develop and provide HR cultivating curriculum to universities. Not only we provide the skill up program to the young researchers we also set the opportunities for them to act on. Personnel working for business development and entrepreneur are also cultivated in the same scheme.

HR Head-hunting System Development


Tech Planter finds and supports young entrepreneur with our partner companies, and aims her/his business plan to realize.

We find and incubate unveiled start-ups and entrepreneurs. Tech Planter does not only provide the funds for commercialization, but also helps create business plan for the participants. Outstanding idea and personnel is properly funded and propelled by this scheme.

Science Education Program Development


Our educational program delivers joy of research to various students from elementary schools to high school, and support them to become interested in science and technology.

We develop cutting-edge research program for educational institute (Research Based Education). All of our program properly seize the needs from schools and teachers, and are conducted with an association to the school curriculum. We have developed large number of programs as part of the company’ s CSR program. This shows our program forms a steady platform for educational institutions and industries to share and utilize it for the next generation.

Educational Content Development


We develop various contents from hands-on research program in school to easy-to-go experimental kits for teachers.

Our private academy comprises of Robotics Lab and Discovery for elementary school students, and the Leave a Nest Science Club is for junior high and high school students. Students can conduct and enjoy research in all schools. We provide both original curriculum and special program developed with our partner clients.

Educational Event Development


Science Castle, the academic conference for junior-high and high school students, invites many professional researchers to discuss students’ outcome.

We have developed novel education events; such as, academic conference for junior high and high school students “Science Castle” and a whole school type of event called “Scienze Kingdom” . In addition, we also develop various science education event hosted by our partner clients.

Educational Event Development


For plant factory, we offer not only installation support, but also support for quality control and seed selection.

We introduce new technologies to local communities to generate new business. For example, plant factory or closed-recirculating aquaculture system are technologies we have successfully introduced. Through these projects we generate new collaborations between local community, industry and academia by doing so we aim to revitalize local communities.

Product Development Support


We raise local chickens called Fukuyuki Jidori in Okinawa together with local breeders to establish product brand.

We create new products and services by applying local resources and intellectual properties. Envisioning the future where businesses flourish in the community, together with local industries we aim to develop unique and original product development services.

Communication Talents Training


In Koza city in Okinawa, we conducted a series of seminars aiming to train experts in product development and branding/marketing.

We train local talents with strong passion in community revitalization. Finding and utilizing local resources, product development, and having a broad point of view are also applied for solving local and global needs.

Overseas Science Marketing


For marketing support for a company which manufactures research equipment, we arrange meetings with professors in academia to hear their needs.

For those who are preparing for international exhibition, we offer technical communication and presentation support. We also accompany to exhibition or universities for presentation support or marketing research for local needs or technologies.

Global Leader Training


From our visit to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We took a group of high school students to university researchers and have them engaged in academic discussion.

We offer global leadership and communication training seminars to a wide range of background and ages, such as students from elementary school, university students to business professionals industry. For students in high school and universities, we create opportunities to interact with researchers and professionals overseas. For business professionals, we offer business presentation support or facilitate communication to researchers overseas.

Career Talk Arrangement

mqWe can arrange career seminars in universities in the South East Asia.

We offer head-hunting services specializing in global business or research professionals. Especially in South East Asia such as in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and the United States, we can arrange career event in university to appeal your company to highly skilled and motivated individuals.