Talent and Skill Set Leave a Nest Aims to Train

Progress in science and technology is alarmingly fast. However, the growth of the industry is not in the same pace. We think that this is partly due to specialization in the research and industrial area. This prevents the creation of novel industry since it is difficult to understand by society.Such social settings require talents who can exercise leadership to solve problems, and who can create novel values beyond any disciplines. We name this type of leader as “Science Bridge Leader (SBL)”, and we aim to cultivate such personnel.

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Current interns in our SBL internship program

Science Bridge Leader uses “QPMI cycle” rather than the traditional PDCA cycle method. We use this QPMI for solving problems with our partner clients. QPMI cycle proceeds as follows; 1) finding high Quality Question, 2) putting each Personal’s Passion into it, 3) connecting with reliable Members, and changing your question to everyone’s Mission, and 4) making Innovation and Invention happen if you do not give up. This mindset is, we believe, for the leader in new era.


Science Bridge Leader Training Program

To find your Question, and to make it a Mission, we provide the “Science Bridge Leader Training Program”.

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The purpose of this program is for the leader candidate to acquire the skill to deliver science and technology in comprehensible way, and for implementing QPMI cycle thoroughly. The latter includes Presentation, Management, Communication, Writing, and Leadership skills. These are developed through course works, OJT session in conducting cutting-edge science class to the next generation, and science magazine production.


Once your Mission is established, you can prepare the way for making innovation as a true leader through experiencing the “Science Bridge Manager” stage. SBM solves problems with number of partners by employing the SBL mindset and the commitment to your Mission.



Leave a Nest Interns In Action!! 

In this section, we will be introducing our current interns in Leave a Nest Japan head office. How are they enjoying their internship at Leave a Nest? What they do? What they learn? Stay tuned!

Siti Rahmah Basri from Malaysia

rahmah san

I am Siti Rahmah Basri and you can call me Rahmah

Currently study Electronic Systems Engineering in MJIIT (Malaysia – Japan International Institute of Technology) and having an internship programme in Leave A Nest co. in Iidabashi, Japan.

22 years old and come from Sabah Malaysia, sometimes like to travel and sometimes like to stay at home.


“ Do something smart and not too hard as long as it was allowed by the religions “

Banani Biswas from Bangladesh


Fatin Ilyani binti Abdul Ghani from Malaysia




I am Banani Biswas. You can call me Banani or Lucky, which is my nick. I am from Bangladesh

I have finished my Ph.D. (Marine Science) from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT).

Now I am doing Internship at Leave a Nest.I love gardening and I have a nice flower garden in my roof balcony.


‘‘Let’s put poverty to the museum with our joint effort’’

By Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Laureate of 2006 in World Peace.

My name is Fatin Ilyani binti Abdul Ghani. You can call me Fatin.

I’m studying in Bachelors of Electronic System Engineering at MJIIT UTMKL but I’m not an engineer yet.I’m from Terengganu, Malaysia

I’m 23 years old. I’m still young but not too old and not too young.

“Flying without wing is possible. So, whatever it is just go and face it and believe you can do it ”


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