About This Program

This program is for ASEAN startups who are seeking for State-of-Art manufacturing partners in Japan. If you are selected, you will get about 50K USD, and we, Leave a Nest will guide you to match up with our partner factories (so called Super Factories) in Ota City (please see below to know more about Ota City), a heart of manufacturing region in Tokyo.

Though the Year 2019's application was closed, we have special Tokyo Deeptech Ecosystem tour for our applicants in Sept 6th~8th. Please follow us if you are interested in it.

Who Can Apply?

Startup companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, or Vietnam who:

✔ Are in need of manufacturing support

✔ Are Interested in teaming up with manufacturers & business partners in Japan

✔ Have a vision to change the world for a better place through their products or services

Among the cities harnessing the economic potential of super factories, Ota City is the heart of manufacturing spot located in Tokyo, Japan. With its close proximity to Haneda Airport, it makes an excellent gateway for international startups seeking reputable manufacturing partners for their prototyping needs.

Taking the initiative one step further, the local government of Ota City adapted the “nakama-mawashi” principle in the development of its manufacturing hub. In a nutshell, this means factories with different expertise take each part of a prototyping need to create a one-stop manufacturing facility. Through this method, they are able to meet most manufacturing needs.

At present, the super factories in Ota City excel in six major manufacturing categories: total engineering, metal process, resin process, mechanical engineering, electronic control, and product design.

Process of this Program

STEP 1: Application

Discuss with your colleagues to identify needs and issues in prototyping. Leave a Nest's communicator can give you a consultation to support you if you have any question to write up your application!

STEP 2: Team Selection

Leave a Nest organizers will review your application document and select 3 startups based on…

 Issues in prototyping

✔ Potential to grow business globally after prototyping & business development

✔ Vision to change the world

STEP 3: Meetup & Special Tour in Tokyo

Once you are selected, you will be invited to come to Japan, and have chance to meet your new manufacturing partners to discuss about direction of your prototyping. You can bring your own product/product plan/blueprint and etc. to discuss with Super Factory owners.

Also, we will join a special tour for you to understand Japanese Deeptech Ecosystem. At the end of the tour, you will present your business idea at the Kick Off event of this program on 8th Sep 2019.

STEP 4: Prototyping!! 

During prototyping phrase, you will have about 5 months to finish prototype. During this course, you start discussion with Super Factory owner from making blueprint, fixing size and materials, making plans to install in your lab etc. Sometimes you join international online video meeting, or your Super Factory partner can come to your lab in SEA to proceed development face-to-face.

STEP 5: Final Presentation

Lastly in March 2020, you will come to Japan again to join Super Factory tour on 5th March 2020, and present final prototype in front of various researchers from academia and industry at world conference “Hyper Interdsciplinary Conference” in Tokyo on 6th March 2020. This is another great chance for you to find business partners to bring your company to the next step.

Alumni of Our Program

ACeT Innovates

From Malaysia

This team aims to be the pioneer in production and manufacturing of enzyme for the Kenaf industry. At the programme, they created an automated device to produce eco-enzyme from locally isolated fungus that will help the retting process of Kenaf to obtain fibre.


From Thailand

Developing technologies for pets (mainly cats and dogs) that will be used by
veterinarians when advising treatment. At the programme, they created a sustainable and lightweight wheelchair prototype.

Red Dot Drone

From Singapore

Red Dot Drone is a drone startup focussing on automatic aerial filming technology for
sports events. At the programme, they created a physical GPS device for Drone for sports entertainment.


Leave a Nest Co.,Ltd.  Global Platform Development Division
Dr. Tsuyoshi Inoue / Dr. Takumi Jindo
Email: [email protected]