Representative Director COO

Shuichiro Takahashi Ph.D.

Leave a Nest started 12 years ago with “Bio Education Company” brand. We’ve done numerous science workshops catering to the needs of schools. The business has expanded since then and we feel the importance of education more than ever. Education in the area of next generation, young professionals as well as general public to create a mature society is our undying mission. We place equal value on education of the younger generation, the general public as well as training young professionals. Education Support Project successfully created new ground for “learning” by bringing industries and schools closer for collaborations. This has been achieved through creating advanced science and technology school programs together with company and its researchers. School children who received these programs will see the science beyond classrooms which leads to children imagining about the future technology. Not only that the adults involved in the project communicating about science to various audiences also benefited from it. For example, in order to fully communicate “deep” science to children it requires oneself to truly understand the subject. Moreover, projects are created with team members who would also receive training in leadership and project management skills. As a result, creating and delivering science workshops to schools will train human resources and this is what we refer to as training “Science Bridge Communicators”. We believe and know that such communicators are needed in a rapidly growing society we live in. Exponential growth of science and technology is accumulating way too fast for the general public to cope with or understand. Thus, the importance and needs for Science Bridge Communicator in the society will be crucial. We strive to achieve our company philosophy “Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness” through continuous emphasis placed upon capacity building, training and education.We are creating various education projects which lead to creating future with industries, schools and higher education institutions.