Leave a Nest is a company started out with 15 researchers in hope to change world with “advancing science and technology” Our approach varies from science workshops for school children to training of young professionals to turn their ideas into business. Leave a Nest work together with private sectors, schools and universities to bridge the gap between society and science researchers.





President CEO

Yukihiro Maru Ph.D.

The Challenge for“Knowledge-manufacturing Industry”

Leave a Nest is establishing the largest knowledge-platform in Japan by gathering knowledge and through communication. Our mission is to change the world by connecting and boosting various science and technological companies using our platform. For that to happen, we need individuals who can generate knowledge and individuals who can apply them. This platform also doubly functions as an human resource development platform to connect people and train personnel to facilitate global progress.We will continue to expand this platform by adding new people and knowledge to incorporate more innovative values. By gathering appropriate ideas and experiences from all over the world, we will combine, and continue to establish more research and developments. We will also continually improve on our methods and model for business in line with the global trend. Furthermore, we will envision new solutions together with our partner companies by assembling peripheral technologies and market needs. Newly developed technologies and its worth will never be properly appreciated without people understanding it. We offer a learning environment for people in the market and people in companies. By connecting individuals and companies, we then will create new businesses. Leave a Nest is the energy and support for companies to grow, and we can realize a better future for everyone.Up till the 20th century, Japan had been leading the world in manufacturing technologies. However, the mecca of mass-production is not in Japan but in other Asian countries, and Japanese manufacturers are struggling to survive in this new era. What we need is, I believe, a shift from product-manufacturing to knowledge-manufacturing. In what we call by knowledge-manufacturing, we gather all categories of knowledge and put them together to generate new value. This way we create new innovations and are not restricted to existing products, services or systems. Companies which can find new values to society are the only ones that can survive in the next century. Though many companies are struggling to acquire seeds for innovation, there is no right way to do so. We have a solution for that, through tapping on knowledge generated by researchers, such as discovery of new phenomenon, technology and ideas for pioneering new and effective product. We are researchers and we have the expertise and competencies to generate new idea and to realize them, which we believe will also accelerate the innovative processes in business.True “knowledge” is not found on Internet. Leave a Nest is a platform with researchers harboring wells of original knowledge and ideas. This platform can be accessed by anyone in our circles. We called ourselves researchers because we are committed to the role of constantly pushing the limits of discovery and its progress. We believe this platform is the springboard to a better future.