Passionate about Science?

Experience Business & Science Communication

Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. is the leading science communication company in Japan. We are looking for international interns who are;

  • Master or doctorate student in the field of Science or Technology
  • Interested in applying science to business

We are specialist in science communication, and entrepreneurship. Our programs aim to connect between people and science throughout our science workshops, article writing and project planning to list a few. We are currently looking and waiting for students with science background who are passionate about exploring your potential and trying something new.


Throughout our internship programme, we offer an opportunity to train yourselves for various sets of skills significant to your future career. We expect internship students to use the skills obtained to fulfil each of your goals in science communication.

+ Communication skills  + Presentation skills  + Leadership skills

Type of Projects

Create, customize and deliver original science workshops Science and technology journalism (both in English & Japanese) Marketing research and planning

How does it work?

Interns are assigned to projects based on their interest and goal for the internship. One can experience from planning to execution of events.

About Leave a Nest Co. Ltd.
Leave a Nest was founded in June 2002 by 15 graduate students who loved science and research. Leave a Nest has the mission “to communicate how exciting science is to as many people as possible”. As of today, over 25,000 children have participated in our workshops.

If you are interested in becoming our intern, please contact us:

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