All of our activities are driven by questions. How can more people flourish and pursuit their dream? How can local community be developed? What is a good education? In order to find answers to these questions, we set up hypothesis, test one to generate better hypothesis. From the scientific endeavor, various services and products have been produced so far. For that active knowledge-generating process, we threw out concept of conventional meeting and replace it with lab work.

This Institute of Innovation & Knowledge:I2K is the center of knowledge-generating industry. Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. has launched Institute of Innovation & Knowledge in 2013 in order to gather knowledge and create opportunity to marge knowledge to generate new ideas and values. Together with many partner companies and research institutes, universities, and local communities, we will try our best contributing to betterment of society.

Our Challenge:

Advancement of technology has led to much inter-disciplinary research. For example, in the field of life science, a view to understand phenomenon from parts or components have gradually being replaced by a holistic view to see life as one eco system. To challenge issues in the health, medicine, food, environment, and space, Leave a Nest launched four laboratories: Biotechnology, Ecology, Agriculture, Robotics, and Space research laboratory. Together, we challenge to create new values and technology.


I2K’s Three Projects

1 . Research Development

I2K puts forward both research to generate business seeds and development to monetize the seeds. Among research seed generating process, we gather new ideas from within Leave a Nest, partner companies and professionals in the academia. For business development, we combine new technology to existing technology or support patent filing. Moreover, in “Tech Planter” project, we nurture technology-based business ideas together with young entrepreneurs.


2. Gather and apply knowledge and create new business

In order to advocate new ideas and values to society, it is necessary to create new concepts, create a team to push forward new projects. To facilitate idea exchanging process for it to happen, we have I2K seminar series where Leave a Nest staff, a staff in our partner companies or any passionate individual can participate in active brain-storming and idea developing process.


3. Research collaboration with next-generation researchers

Our research facilities are open to elementary students to high school students. L-nest school offers Robotics Laboratory and Discovery Laboratory, for robotics and engineering research project and life science research projects. These student researchers often come up with thought-provoking research ideas. Through these cross-generation interactions, we set forth active research and development.