We train young researchers so as to enhance chance of them becoming a good science communicator. This is important because science and technology is advancing at such a fast rate that it is almost impossible to keep up with new discoveries. Bridging the gap between researchers and society will help us accelerate advancing science and society for global happiness.

Here are the line ups of training programs

1) Science Bridge Leader Training Program

2) Capacity Building Workshops

3) Career Seminars


Build up necessary skills for young researchers through project based training program.


  • Communication
  • Presentation
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Science Writing


Training ground:

Science workshops for school children

Writing articles for school children/university students



Line ups:

  • How to leave lasting impression at International Conferences
  • How to present your research work effectively in English
  • How to communicate your research work to general public
  • How to apply skills as researchers to society



We would like to encourage young researchers to pursuit their career in academia as well as in private sectors in future. Leave a Nest members can talk about their career path to present a case study for young researchers to think and plan.