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Announcement of 12 finalists for TECH PLANTER in Malaysia 2019


It's the day that all participants of TECH PLANTER in Malaysia 2019 have been waiting for!

Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn Bhd is pleased to announce the finalists for TECH PLAN Demo Day in Malaysia 2019. Finalists from various fields, backgrounds and institutions will pitch their ideas and innovations to corporate partners from Malaysia and Japan on 20th July 2019. 

Here are the finalists for TECH PLAN Demo Day in Malaysia 2019:

Team Name: DRV Team
Theme: Self-cleaning coating on glass panel for real application

Team Name: ThinKers
Theme: PhotoAct film

Team Name: INSHA
Theme: Shariah-compliant and low cost amylase enzyme

Team Name: Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering Research Unit
Theme: Sustainable lightweight composite materials development

Team Name: Synbion Sdn Bhd
Theme: E-Anfun: Electronic Nose (E-Nose) sensor technology

Team Name: Life Origin
Theme: Sustainable protein to feed the world

Team Name: Nanotechnology and Catalysis Research Center (NANOCAT), Universiti  Malaya
Theme: Fabrication of sustainable butadiene rubber based composites

Team Name: Abmanan Biomedical Sdn Bhd
Theme: Haruan cream is a future alternative medicine for eczema

Team Name: A&M Food
Theme: VeggieFruit noodle

Team Name: [email protected]
Theme: Polygonumins : Green natural therapeutic

Team Name: Paverlog
Theme: Waste into high value product

Team Name: EMaS
Theme: Pre-clinical usage of the developed zinc oxide nanowires on gold electrode as breast cancer (BRCA1) detection device

Congratulations to all finalists!

Next step is for finalists to brush up their presentation and business model through the mentoring session with Leave a Nest Malaysia before the TECH PLAN Demo Day. Finalists, please check your email to select the mentoring session.

Overview of TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Malaysia 2019:

Looking forward to seeing you at the TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in MALAYSIA 2019!


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