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HIC Singapore – Utilising technology to solve global environmental problems


It has been 2 weeks since the first ever Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference Singapore was held. Lets do a recap about the different sessions that were held inside!

Keynote speaker: Associate Professor Darren Sun

The manufacturing of water membranes can be expensive and laden with post-manufacturing toxic wastewater. By utilising nano-materials and 3D printing, Associate Professor Sun has devised a technology that significantly reduces the cost of manufacturing, needed manpower and required space. This method of manufacturing also saves post-manufacturing cost as no toxic wastewater is produced.

With added functional benefits such as anti-fouling, Associate Professor Sun hopes to use his technology to revolutionise the water industry through his company, Nano Sun.

Speaker: Dr. Kim Wimbush

Is there a sustainable way to remove organic contaminants from industrial waste water? Dr. Wimbush from Ecoworth Tech shared his company's technology which recycles cellulosic biomass into a patented carbon fiber aerogel that absorbs organic matter in industrial wastewater. One of the key highlights of this waste-to-worth technology is it's wide application to different industries; ranging from oil and gas to food production to perfume production.

Panelist discussion: Associate Professor Sun, Dr. Kim Wimbush & Mr. Jeremy Lim

Water being one of the key future commodities in the world is a subject that many people are interested to know! How is the water situation? What are the current trends and how is the future going to look like? To solve the curiosity amongst the audiences, a 15 minutes panelist discussion was held between Associate Professor Sun, Dr. Wimbush and the moderator, Mr. Jeremy Lim.

Revolving around the theme of the conference: “Solving global urban challenges”, this panelist discussion wanted to hear the perspective of researchers from an environmental technology background. The discussion between these 3 people went beyond the thoughts of the effects of urbanisation on water and current and future water trends, it also delved into global impact of water issues and how it can affect the global community.


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