Home News ANNOUNCEMENT: WELA School Systems Awarded the TECH SEED GRANT 2019 Award

ANNOUNCEMENT: WELA School Systems Awarded the TECH SEED GRANT 2019 Award


It is our honor to announce that WELA Schools System has been awarded the TECH SEED GRANT award this year.

WELA is an integrated school management system which provides various tools to aid increase productivity and streamline data management with the aim of improving record processing across schools in the Philippines through automation. It is a web application that is affordable, secure and easy-to-use. It offers mobile accessibility to support richer communication between schools and families. WELA's suite of school solutions includes the following:

  • Admissions & Enrollment
  • Conduct & Behavior
  • Grading Management & Report generation
  • Announcements & News
  • Parent's Portal

Educators will be able to put more focus on teaching and parents will have a peace of mind when they receive notifications of their child’s status at school, every clinic visit/treatment, updates in misconduct, and news and announcements.

The TECH SEED GRANT is an encouragement grant in the amount of 500SGD for TECH PLANTER applicants who did not receive any awards during TECH PLAN DEMO DAY. This grant money could be used for any purpose ranging from the incorporation of a company, research & development, or product development and prototyping. Every year six recipients from each country in TECH PLANTER Southeast Asia round are eligible to receive the grant. Recipients are obliged to present about their progress in post-TECH PLANTER program such as TECH VENTURE MEETUP and to run for TECH PLANTER program again in the coming year.

Click here for more information about the TECH SEED GRANT

For more information about the winning team, WELA, click here

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