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Lets join Tech Venture Meetup Thailand 2018!

  • Date: 14th September 2018 (Friday)
  • Timing: 13:00 – 17:00
  • Venue: Will be announced very soon
  • Pitching: 7mins pitch / booth exhibition

Tech Venture meet up in Thailand 2018

What is it?

TECH VENTURE MEET UP Thailand is the next step for entrepreneurs who have had some success and would like to expand their business or potentially get some pre-seed investments. In this program, we bring together large conglomerates and venture capitalist to meet early stage start-ups in Thailand. Through this interaction, both start-ups and conglomerates will be able to leverage on each other’s strengths and networks.

Why should you join it?

If you are searching for a platform to grow and expand your business with Japanese conglomerates, seeking pre-seed investments or perhaps seeking for research collaborations with well established corporations, this is the program for you. Tech Venture Meetup Thailand will help accelerate your startup and allow you to tap in on our extensive Leave a Nest network in ASEAN, Japan, US and UK.

Who can join Tech Venture Meetup Thailand 2018?

Similar to Tech planter programs across the world, the Tech Venture program focuses on deep tech industries which includes food tech, agri-tech, robotics etc.

All past Tech plan demo day applicants are welcomed to join in and leverage off our programs and platforms. If you haven’t joined any Tech plan demo day programs yet, you are still eligible to join this program to accelerate your business as a booth exhibitor. If you have joined Tech Plan Demo Day Thailand before, your team will be eligible to pitch at Tech Venture Meet Up.

You can sign up for Tech Venture Meetup Thailand 2018 here!

Do spread the word!

If you have any concerns, do contact:
Dr. Kihoko Tokue
[email protected]

Mr. Jeremy Lim
[email protected]


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