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Thailand researchers stand a chance to be rewarded with LNest Grant. Submission deadline is on 24 August 2018


Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. has announced LNest Grant for the first time in Thailand in its effort to recognize and assist world-changing research project by passionate young researchers in the field of science and technology. LNest Grant is a collaboration between Leave a Nest and its' partner companies. It has already been introduced in several countries around the world including Japan and UK.

Realizing that local herbs and natural substances in Thailand have tremendous benefits for human health and well-being, the objective of LNest Grant in Thailand is to encourage young researchers to begin their research projects to find functional compounds or materials that lies within the rich biodiversity of Thailand. 

Thailand’s government has made efforts to preserve and strengthen the sense of national culture and national identity. Exploring on the psychological effects of Thai cultural traditional customs is also another part of the objective of LNest Grant in Thailand.

Through this grant, Leave a Nest would also like to welcome partner companies from other fields with a similar vision to join LNest Grant and expand this project to support young researchers in Thailand and accelerate their research to a higher level.

What is LNest Grant?

LNest grant is a support system for active young researchers and graduate students who are passionate about their research. Since its first inception in year 2001, Leave a Nest has never looked back and continued to provide the much needed support by the research community, in line with its ethos “Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness”.

About LNest Grant in Thailand


1) Studies on natural substances unique in Thailand e.g. function on auto nerve system, immune system, endocrine system

2) Study on psychological effects e.g. relaxation, refreshment, happiness by cultural traditional customs unique to Thailand

(E.g. religious ceremonies, meditation, massage, behavior such as temple worship)

Target: Researcher below the age of 40 and an Thailand citizen who researches in Thailand university or research institute.

Number of Award: 1

Grant Amount : SGD 3000*

Deadline for Submission of Application : 24 August 2018 (23:59 midnight, Tokyo time).

Steps to Apply for LNest Grant in Thailand

*Subject to change at the discretion of Leave a Nest Co.



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