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Konnichiwa! I am Adilla from Malaysia.


Some people see life as an adventure, others just something to make it through. Well I believe in the former. Hi, I am Nur Adilla Abd Kadir from Faculty of Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). I had just finished the third year of my degree program in Chemical Process Engineering major and currently joining the internship program in Leave A Nest Japan from 18th June to 6th September 2018!

In terms of academic and research, I am more interested in the application of nano-catalyst and nanotechnology in developing a sustainable future. I believe that application of nanotechnology can solve a lot of problems in this world since it had variety of potential applications! Besides that, I had also chosen to do research on synthesis of nano-catalyst for degradation of ibuprofen for my final year project.

I like to see this internship program as another exciting adventure for me to discover and also a platform for me to grow into a better person than I am now. I am looking forward to gain new experience working together with the team and I hope that the experience can help me to become a science bridge communicator too one day.


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