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Dai Yoshida Joines to Leave a Nest America Inc. as Director


Dai Yoshida (Managing Partner of Blackbelt Legal, Inc.) joins Leave a Nest America Inc. as a Director.

Leave a Nest America has been  actively contributing to children’s science/entrepreneurship education and tech startup ecosystem in the USA. The breadth of our projects covers from the early stage deep-tech startups and publicly traded companies.  We foster their collaboration through our showcase events. Since 2017, Mr. Yoshida contributed to our acceleration program “TECH PLANTER” designed exclusively for deep-tech startups projects. His contribution is essential to our continued success.



About Dai Yoshida

Lawyer with MBA and Database Engineer background, Mr. Yoshida has been active as an entrepreneur, attorney, angel investor and active management of well known startups.  

Before founding his own law firm, he was Blackbelt Six Sigma at General Electric and Big database engineer at Blackrock.  Mr. Yoshida also served as Inhouse counsel for Sony Interactive Entertainment and Corporate Associate for Squire Patton Boggs.

Mr. Yoshida currently serves as a director for TBM, Japanese startup with Limestone based new material; Limex.  He also advises Plug and Play for both US and Japan.


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Leave a Nest America Inc.  Attn to Ryuta Takeda

MAIL:[email protected]

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Ryuta Takeda/ 武田 隆太 President, Leave a Nest America Inc. Director, Global Bridge Laboratory, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. Received Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. Trained as a pure scientist in a biotech field. After joining Leave a Nest, I am responsible for running our unique Real Tech Seed Acceleration program "TECH PLANTER" all over the world to find fabulous deep tech seeds. In addition to that, I run my research program, HR training workshop for young scientists, and also a branch company in America. An experienced communicator, and also evangelist of Leave a Nest Way. See the world as it should be!!


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