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Congratulations to Winners of LNest Grant in Indonesia!


The long rally in the quest to choose the best research by young and enthusiastic researchers through LNest Grant in Indonesia ended recently. The objective of LNest Grant in Indonesia is to recognize, encourage, and accelerate research young researchers to a higher level.

Based on the theme to find functional compounds or natural materials including from plants and insects which can be applied as new materials for relaxation, excitement or recharging for human, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd received an overwhelming response from universities all over Indonesia after the grant was announced on 16 November 2017.

Thirteen applications have been shortlisted and nine researchers were called for online video interview with panel members from Leave a Nest Japan and Malaysia offices through a course of two weeks. After a thorough deliberation, we’re pleased to share the much-awaited results!

Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the recipient of its first LNest Grant in Indonesia, Associate Professor Dr. Azis Saifudin from Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta. His research entitled The Reversal Study of Memory Impairment by Lignan Molecules from Piper cubeba fructus (Java pepper).

Leave a Nest Co., Ltd also would like to announce a Special Award for LNest Grant in Indonesia due to encouraging number of applications from the universities. Research entitled Aldose Reductase Inhibitors of Momordica Charantia by Dr. Sri Fatmawati from Chemistry Department, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember has been selected as recipient of the Special Award.

Congratulations to both Associate Professor Dr. Saifudin Azis and Dr. Sri Fatmawati!

Through this type of grant, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. would like to welcome partner companies from other fields with similar vision to join LNest Grant and extend the support for young researchers by helping them realizing their research ideas to solve social issues around the world. Contact us at Leave a Nest today!


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Ida*rahayu Ayob. Master in Technology and Innovation Management, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. She completed her first degree in Information Technology (majoring in Artificial Intelligence). Prior to joining Leave a Nest Malaysia, she had served a government agency and actively involved in bridging programs between the academia and industry, train-the-trainers, national scholarship and also research encouragement funds in new technology. She's an industry advisor for several universities and regulatory bodies in Malaysia. At Leave a Nest Malaysia, Idarahayu is with the Strategy Development Division. She's on the lookout for new corporate partners and responsible in expanding real-tech seed acceleration program and its ecosystems.


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