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Seiko-Gakuin High School Visit Featured in Utusan Malaysia


Visit coordinated by Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. for Seiko-Gakuin High School students to SBPI Gombak has been featured in the local newspaper, Utusan Malaysia on 12 February 2018.

The news translation is as below.

SBPI Gombak, Seiko-Gakuin Collaboration In Advancing Scientific Research

Gombak Integrated Fully Residential School (SBPI Gombak) and Seiko-Gakuin High School from Japan leveraged on their collaborative effort on one special platform to bring forward results from scientific research at school to the global level.

Madam Nor Hayati Yusoff, Principal of SBPI Gombak said through collaboration between these two schools, students were able to share their knowledge and innovative ideas in producing world class R&D product. “This collaboration was also induced by the achievement of SBPI Gombak R&D team in SCIENCE CASTLE in Singapore last year,” she further added when interviewed during the Science Research Conference 2018 hosted by SBPI Gombak recently.

Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. acted as the main conduit in making the collaboration between SBPI Gombak and Seiko-Gakuin High School a success. As part of the encouragement award for winner of SCIENCE CASTLE in Singapore, SBPI Gombak R&D team will be able to attend Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference in Tokyo this March.

According to the Managing Director and President of Leave a Nest, Nami Akinaga, the collaboration is also to allow students with different ways of thinking to find solutions for global happiness through their scientific research. She further added, “Japanese students tend to think according to their curiosity about a certain subject while Malaysian students give priority to research on natural resources widely available in the country.”

Form 5 students from SBPI Gombak, Omar Qayyum Hamdan agreed with her views based on the presentation of R&D products made by students from both countries.

“Japanese students shared the type of research that can be applied immediately in our daily lives while Malaysian students tend to study on how to optimize the available natural resources for the benefit of mankind,” said Omar who also presented his research product.

Link to Utusan online news: http://www.utusan.com.my/pendidikan/sbp-integrasi-gombak-seiko-gakuin-kerjasama-majukan-penyelidikan-sains-1.607452

Link to full visit report : https://en.lne.st/2018/02/05/seiko-gakuin-in-malaysia/

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