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TECH SMOOTHIE: The 1st Real Tech Meetup event in Singapore will be held on Feb 10th, 2018


Leave a Nest Co. Ltd. will host TECH SMOOTHIE, the1st Real Tech Meetup event in Singapore on Feb 10th, 2018.

The event is unique in a sense that both startups (pre-startups, too) and multinational corporations pitch each other to find a new business paradigm. Workshops based on IPs from multinational corporations will be held, too. The event is co-hosted by Focustech Ventures.


TECH SMOOTHIE is an event that brings together students, researchers, start-up companies, incubators and business personnel of large companies, who are interested in developing Singapore’s science and technology ecosystem. Various stakeholders gather in one place and mingle, sparking conversations and ideas that result in a delicious blend: innovation · product · business (SMOOTHIE).


Overview of the event

  • Date:  10th February 2018
  • Venue: LEVEL3
  • Address: Mapletree Business City, 20 Pasir Panjang Road (East Wing) #03-22/24, Singapore 117439
  • Timeline of the event:
1000-1100 Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speech
1100-1200 Elevator Pitch: Startup
1300-1400 Tech Push
1400-1600 Smoothie Booth
1600-1630 Elevator Pitch: Researchers
1630-1730 Closing Ceremony


This event is partnered with Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsui Chemicals, Omron, and DNP.
Euglena and Samrice is our Food Supporters.


■Official Website

Any questions or inquiries for this event, please e-mail us: [email protected] (attn: Ryuta Takeda)

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Ryuta Takeda/ 武田 隆太 President, Leave a Nest America Inc. Director, Global Bridge Laboratory, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. Received Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. Trained as a pure scientist in a biotech field. After joining Leave a Nest, I am responsible for running our unique Real Tech Seed Acceleration program "TECH PLANTER" all over the world to find fabulous deep tech seeds. In addition to that, I run my research program, HR training workshop for young scientists, and also a branch company in America. An experienced communicator, and also evangelist of Leave a Nest Way. See the world as it should be!!


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