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Ten Seiko-Gakuin High School Students Completed Educational Tour in Malaysia!


A total of 10 students from Seiko-Gakuin High School, a Super Science High School in Yokohama, Japan visited Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 3 until 4 February 2018. Students were chaperoned by their teacher, Mr. Koji Isozumi. The visit to Malaysia were facilitated by Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn Bhd with the aim to rouse the intellectual curiosity among Japanese students particularly on foreign culture, nature and scientific research, and expose them to interaction and communication of ideas with their new-found friends in Malaysia.

SBPI Gombak Gave A Lasting Impression

On the first day, the students visited Gombak Integrated Fully Residential School (SBPI Gombak) in Sungai Pusu. Seiko-Gakuin students received a colourful, melodious and energetic welcoming performance at SBPI Gombak upon arrival. The School Principal, Madam Nor Hayati Yusoff then gave a warm opening remarks followed by remarks from Seiko-Gakuin teacher. Seiko-Gakuin students from both school were able to bond immediately and they tremendously enjoyed a special one-on-one interaction during ice breaking session. SBPI Gombak meticulously prepared various types of cultural activities for Seiko-Gakuin students to try and the School Principal herself taught Seiko-Gakuin students on the traditional game of ‘congkak’.

The activity continued with research presentations by both schools. Five enthusiastic teams from SBPI Gombak presented their research on Mangoilsteen, Oraniser, Lemuni Hitam, CORAD and Beta-Carotene. Three teams from Seiko-Gakuin school also presented their interesting research on quality sleeping, bandage of the future and the potential of predicting a hit movie. Visit to SBPI Gombak ended on a high-note that day.

Visit to Forest of Knowledge and Getting Inspiration from University

Bright and early on the second day, Seiko-Gakuin students were brought to Botanical Garden of Rimba Ilmu, University of Malaya. Nestled in the middle of Kuala Lumpur city, the 60-hectare botanical garden which was once a rubber estate is now an ongoing forest conservation project. In a mild weather and perfect windy day, the forest walkabout was all about appreciating nature and uniqueness that lies in the forest ecosystem.

In the afternoon, students visit Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), UTM, Kuala Lumpur. Dr. Koji Iwamoto from MJIIT hosted the visit and shared about MJIIT which is a Government-to-Government initiative with the Malaysian government with over 29 affiliations with Japanese universities. Dr. Koji Iwamoto and his research team shared about research work on algae and the application of their research on palm oil mill effluent (POME). Students also visited Memo Bio Lab and Algae Lab at MJIIT.

Expectation Met and Mission Accomplished

At the end of both days, feedback session was conducted to gain input from students about their mission for that day, lessons learned and actions to be taken onwards. The session was concluded with closing remarks by Seiko-Gakuin teacher and Leave a Nest Malaysia members.

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