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Latest Issue of SCIENCE CASTLE Magazine Vol.02 Is Now Available!


Leave a Nest is proud to announce publishment of the new issue of SCIENCE CASTLE magazine (vol.02). This magazine is targeted for school teachers to nurture next leaders through science & technology. The main feature article in this magazine focused on bridging knowledge to global challenges by promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a new approach to solve global issues.

Teachers from six different schools from three different countries (Singapore, Malaysia & Japan) that joined SCIENCE CASTLE in Singapore March 2017 were interviewed in this issue. The teachers shared their experienced and the way they encouraged their students in doing research projects.

In this issue, it also featured the vision of our partner company, Mitsui Chemicals that share the same mission as Leave a Nest in nurturing the next generation for global happiness. To inspire young students to follow their passion and curiosity, we also have interview article to a drone startup company in Singapore.

If you are one of the passionate teachers who want to nurture next-generation leaders, please get the copy of our magazine and integrate some new ideas into school initiatives. There are more knowledgeable and inspiring topics in this magazine that you don’t want to miss read it!.

Please visit this link to read the previous report on Education program in Asia.

Robotic Workshop: https://en.lne.st/2017/11/13/robotic-workshop-my/

SCIENCE CASTLE  in Singapore: https://en.lne.st/2017/11/20/science-castle-2017nov-report/

In March 2018, Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. will hosting the first SCIENCE CASTLE in MALAYSIA to gather top young researchers throughout the country. Please visit this page  https://s-castle.com/malaysia2018/  for the SCIENCE CASTLE in Malaysia update!


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