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The 1st TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Boston at District Hall was conducted successfully!


Leave a Nest conducted the 1st TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Boston on 15th Nov 2017. The 12 selected finalist teams out of 24 applications pitched in front of Judges. The first one in east coast!!

We have official partners.

  • Glocalink: Japanese angel investor focusing on deep-tech startups
  • Venture Cafe Foundation: Boston’s NPO whose goal is to enhance and accelerate innovation in the Greater Boston region.
Group photo after the demo day!


The Winner is Droplette, creating a device to generate enhanced aerosol for trans-dermal drug delivery.  This technology can replace  The team earned 2,000 USD and travel ticket to visit to Japan for the 7th Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference organized by Leave a Nest.

Congratulations to all winners!
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