Home News We conducted a Okinawa tasting event in Singapore!

We conducted a Okinawa tasting event in Singapore!


Leave a Nest Singapore, together with Okinawa Prefecture Research laboratory, Tropical Technology Plus conducted a tasting event at Nirai Kanai Okinawan food restaurant at Liang Court, Singapore.

This is a part of three year project with Okinawa government to promote Okinawan food to Singapore. For this project, Leave a Nest, as science communicators, we took both qualitative and quantitative approaches to develop product that fits local taste in Singapore.

Prior to our visits, our teams have analyzed the flavors of local food and made necessary changes to the current product in Japan. In the tasting events, we have asked the participants to taste both the regular product and the test product, and asked to rate their preferences.

Four items for this tasting event were:

  • Okinawa Soba (noodle)
  • Curry
  • Brown Sugar / Pineapple Cupcake
  • Shikuwasa extract juice

Total 24 participants have taken a part of this event, and gave us their valuable opinions.

Brown sugar and pineapple cup cakes

Shikuwasa juice

This year is the final year for this project. However, we will be exploring the use of flavor analysis and the data for marketing new food product.

Any questions or inquiries, please contact
Nami Akinaga  or Satomi Maeda
e-mail: [email protected]


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