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Winner of TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SINGAPORE 2017 is EcoWorth Pte., Ltd.


Leave a Nest successfully conducted TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in SINGAPORE 2017 on July 29. This is the fifth time of the DEMO DAY held in Singapore.

In this event, 8 finalists selected from 25 applicants presented their business projects in Singapore, were joined by 4 regional winners from India, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand totaling 12 finalists. Startup “EcoWorth” won the Grand Winner prize for their innovative technology to develop unique water filter system using carbon fibre aerogel made from biomass. In addition to the Grand Winner, six more prizes were given by the judges (For details please see below). The winner will be invited to Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Tokyo Japan held in March 2018.

Leave a Nest is going to continuously support not only prize winners and finalists but all TECH PLANTER members so they can accelerate their projects. So please keep communicating with Leave a Nest members.

For details of 12 finalists  please access to this article.

The event opened with welcoming note from a president and managing director, Dr. Kihoko Tokue of Leave a Nest Singapore Pte., Ltd. followed by keynote speech from past participants Mr. Tan Ming Jie, CSO and COO, DeNova Sciences Pte., Ltd.



Venue National Design Centre
Date/Time July 29 2017 13:00-19:00
Organizer Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

Prize Winners

  •       Content: 300,000 JPY and right to participate in Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Tokyo Japan.
  •       Team: EcoWorth Pte. Ltd.
  •       Theme: Water Filter system using biomass based carbon fibre aerogel for cleaner water for everyone.


  1. Mentholetum Award
  •       Team: Skin Shuttle
  •       Theme: Development of protein nano carrier to deliver active ingredients to tackle hyper pigmentation.


3.  Mitsui Chemicals Award

  •  Team: WhirlCell Pte. Ltd.
  •       Theme: One flow cell separation using non membrane technique


4. Glocalink Award

  •       Team: Acet Innovates Sdn. Bhd.
  •       Theme: Local enzyme to facilitate faster retting of Kenaf fibre

5. Fujifilm Asia Pacific Award

  •       Team: EcoWorth Pte. Ltd.
  •       Theme: technology to develop unique water filter system using carbon fibre aerogel made from biomass.

6. Hamano Products Award

  •       Team: UBE Tech
  •       Theme: powdering technology for light colored ube to reduce crop waste


7. Leave a Nest Award

  •       Team: Phaos Technology Pte. Ltd.
  •       Theme: High resolution light microscope


We will be keeping in touch with finalists from ASEAN region to learn about progress of TECH PLANTER community members. Please watch out for our announcements.

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