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Hi! I’m Marshila, a new member in Leave a Nest Malaysia


Greetings! I am Marshila Kaha born and raised in Lahad Datu. Lahad Datu is a small town located in Tawau Division, in the east of Sabah or often been called ‘Borneo island’ and surrounded by stretches of cocoa and oil palm plantations. Sabah is a realm that boasts impressive natural attractions and true nature city. So people, come and visit Sabah!

I graduated from Universiti Malaysia Sabah in Industrial Chemistry. After that, I pursued my studies in Master in Philosophy majoring in microalgae research. In 2016, my team joined Tech Planter Demo day in Malaysia and Tech Planter Agri Grand Prix organized by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. This was the first time our research topic participated in competition outside the university and it was an anxious moment, but exciting!. From here, I got to know what is Leave a Nest all about and this company grasps my attention in the way they conducted events and networking with big companies and researchers in advancing science and technology.

I have set many different goals in life. Personal goals have a tendency to change over time as people also change over time. The importance for me to keep is goals in my life. Nowadays, interest in science has declined among the students. Thus, I hope to get a better technical communication in Leave a Nest to bring back the passion and love towards science and technology among the students. To have a strong sense about yourself and have balanced lifestyle is what a leader should have to lead others!


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