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A wonderful visit from Leave a Nest Malaysia to MJIIT Career Fair 2017!


Hi, Assalamualaikum and good afternoon everyone! Alhamdulillah it was very awesome yesterday at MJIIT Career Fair 2017!

For your information, this career fair was happened in one day starting with opening speech from MJIIT’s Dean, Prof Datin Dr Rubiyah Yusof. Then, appreciation awards were given to 29 booths of companies. So, for Leave a Nest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Ms Nami as representative received the award from her during the ceremony.

Figure 1: Ms Nami received the appreciation award

There are two sessions on that day. For the morning session, we received many visitors from staffs and also students at our booth number 18. Besides that, the MJIIT’s dean also visited us at the booth as shown in below picture. She told us that she hope there will be more MJIIT’s students joining Leave a Nest Malaysia in future.

Figure 2: Group photo with MJIIT’s Dean

For evening session, we were given opportunity to give presentation to introduce our company to visitors. The session started from 2:30 pm until 3:00 pm. In the beginning of presentation, it started with introduction from Ms Nami Akinaga, Managing Director of Leave a Nest Malaysia. She talked on introduction of Leave a Nest and also her mission towards this company. Other than that, she also explained the concept of QPMI cycle that used in our company to achieve our mission.

After 15 minutes of presentation, Mr Hakim took over her position. He talked on his background, what he is doing and why he joined Leave a Nest Malaysia. In Leave a Nest Malaysia, Mr Hakim’s position is as an Assistant Manager in Strategy Development Division. His mission in Leave a Nest Malaysia is to produce more technopreneur in Malaysia especially from engineering field. This is because he saw during his studied most of engineering students would like to be an entrepreneur but out of their field. That is why in Leave a Nest Malaysia, he is planning and working so hard to achieve the mission. Then, the presentation continued with Mrs Fatin’s introduction. Her position in Leave a Nest Malaysia is as an Assistant Manager in Education Development Division. Her mission in joining this company is to enhance Science and Technology education to young generation in Malaysia. Based on her view, most of young generation nowaday have been lost their interest towards science and technology. Finally, Ms Nami end the presentation by explaining the job opportunities would be given to those who are interested to join our company.

Figure 3: Ms Nami’s introduction

Figure 4: Mr Hakim’s introduction

Figure 5: Mrs Fatin’s introduction

At the end of the event, we met and gave small gifts to the main person who helped us before and during the event which are Assoc Prof Dr Hiroyuki Ishizaki and Mr Takano.

Figure 6: Mr Takano with Ms Nami

Figure 7: Assoc Prof Dr Hiroyuki and Ms Nami

Lastly, by joining this event, we hope we could have more fresh graduated students to join Leave a Nest Malaysia in future. So, for those who are from other universities and did not have chance to join us yesterday but would like to work or do internship in our company, you are most welcome to come and join us. So, if there is any question regarding on our company, please send the email or contact us at below email and phone number.

Contact : +6018-2233 230
Email : [email protected]
: [email protected]


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