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My first meeting with the client, principal of elementary K International School Tokyo (KIST)


For the past few week, Maeda-san, Michael-san and I had been planning for Robotics Science Project after school. Lots of new business and proposal making knowledge that I’ve learnt from them.

Leave a Nest company provide science educational service which help student learn about technology  by conducting workshop in schools.Our proposal for this school was to offer robotics workshops,  By joining this workshop, kids will learn how to make a motor, gear and pulley from scratch and apply it to make their own original products.

I wrote a few parts in the proposal, and I’ve gained new knowledge on how to make a good proposal. To make a good proposal, we have to clarify project’s concept: what are the client’s current problem, how we want to solve it (our proposed solution) and what are the results after the client accepted our proposed solution.

Kevin-sensei, KIST elementary school principal showed a good reaction when we proposed our plan. He said that the project will be a good knowledge and practice for the elementary school student to learn about robotics. With the uprising technology, kids only learn through cyberspace and do not have enough opportunities for creating something using their own hand. For someone to remember what they have learnt, it would be effective if they experienced it by themselves. He also added that his son will be joining this workshop.

During the business meeting, I proposed/explained about the workshop’s concept, overview and gear project part. I get nervous and slightly stuttered during the meeting because it was my first business proposal. However, Kevin-sensei is an easy-going person and does not pressured me. Moreover, Maeda-san and Micheal-san supported me during the meeting by continuing explaining the other part in the proposal.  

It was a good experienced to join the business meeting and being able to see how Japanese company proposed their idea.

We also managed to have our second English Science workshop, AgIC pen greeting cards that will be held in KIST in this upcoming August.

Hope that both of this workshop will be successful. This new knowledge can help me write my project after I’m going back to Malaysia.

– Rahmah –  🙂


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