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Working on English Pet bottle Submarine Workshop!


On July 26th at Nanzan elementary school in Minato-ku, Tokyo, we will be conducting an English engineering workshop in an event called Ocean Kingdom by Leave a Nest Japan. In Ocean Kingdom, various science workshops will be held. In one of the workshops, we are teaching kids how to make a submarine using simply 4 materials: empty pet bottles, bath salt, motor, and water!

Our new intern from Malaysia, Fatin-san (right in the photo), is an engineer major, and in charge of making a cool textbook which will be used in the workshop. Actually, it was our very first time to do this submarine workshop. Since a kick off of the project, we have developed at least five prototypes to come to our final version. Michael (left in the photo) from Leave a Nest Japan kept working on the prototypes and tried them out in a bath tub at his house!!

Now we have figured out a final version, we are ready to finalize the workshop. A little less than two weeks till the event, so stay tuned : )



Read also Fatin-san's blog: 






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