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Leave a Nest Malaysia taking a step forward to start a new journey


Leave a Nest Malaysia President, Kihoko Tokue will be traveling to KL Malaysia together with Leave a Nest CEO Dr Yukihiro Maru.

Leave a Nest Malaysia was established on 16 Oct 2013. Why did we decided to bring our business to Malaysia? You will find out the reason by attending our introductory session.

Do you want to start up your own business? Why don’t you test out the water by joining Tech Plan Grand Prix (TPGP) Malaysia which will be held in June 21. You may be asking what’s TPGP? You can also find out about the event by coming to our introductory session.

Leave a Nest Malaysia itself is a start up. If you want to embark on a journey with venture company. Come join us now!

Come meet us on 16 March 15:00 @ Faculty of Science at University of Malaysia.

Venue: DK Melati Komplex Dewan Kuliah, Faculty of Science

Participants: anyone interested to share their ideas and/or products, anyone who is interested to turn their research result into business with prototype, anyone who is interested to learn how to start up a business with their great ideas

Leave a Nest Malaysia President will give a talk about what’s Leave a Nest is going to do and where she wants to go with people of Malaysia.

Hope to see you on the venue!


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