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Incu-be ASIA 2013 Summer(Vol.01)


Are you ready for our newest Incu.be magazine? Our main topics for this edition includes:

Feature topic 1
Special Interview
Taking the Matter into Your Own Hands, We Can Change the Global Standard

Adding an Edge to your Ph.D. Degree ~Science Communication~
Feature Articles: Science Communicators [Leave a Nest]
 What Takes to be Brilliant in Science Communication [Shiseido]
 Out-of-the Box Internship Experience at Leave a Nest
 A Gate to Knowledge
 At Crossing Road to Future

Feature topic 2
・Embracing Asia’s Future ~making the first connection~
 Come Ride a New Wave of Innovation
[Fuji Xerox]
 TOMY supports researchers specializing on infectious disease from all over asia
[Tomy Digital Biology]
 Opening Up a New Horizon through Research Collaboration!

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