Leave a Nest thrives to achieve global happiness by enhancing everyday life through science and education for future generation.

Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. started as a science venture company in June 2002 by 15 graduate science students. To resolve science graduate employment problems and the decline in interests for science among the younger generation, an in house training program for university students was developed and workshops in schools were also conducted. Today, we conduct more than 150 workshops per year throughout Japan. We also have a direct network with more than 100 companies, 2,000 teachers and 10,000 researchers. Together with our partners and supporting network, we aim to contribute to the world through Science and Technology by engaging in Science education, human resource training and research development projects.


Education Support Project, together with partner companies, develops and conducts education programs for next generation who need to survive unpredictable future.

Human Resource Encouragement Project shares common vision for professional development with our partner companies, design interactive training programs, and support those who wish to keep learning and advancing.

Researcher Encouragement Project supports researchers’ career and R&Ds in industry, and create partnership opportunities between researchers in academia  and private sector.

Entrepreneurship Support Project supports technology-based startups from academia or ventures in their early stage in the process of growing its seed into business and innovation.





Our platform enables to gather and utilize world-wide knowledge while generating effective human resource development & exchange. We have 3 sister companies overseas which allows us to catch new trend first hand especially in Asia and America. We utilize the information to initiate innovation worldwide. Leave a Nest function as a platform.


Kihoko Tokue

Leave a Nest Singapore is the longest overseas base established which is highly actively in the South East Asia region. This headquarter takes a new journey undertaken to gather new talents and partners in the Asia Pacific (APac) region to bring new innovations through science and technology.

Abdul Hakim Bin Sahidi

Malaysia functions as another focal point for Asia. We specialize in transferring programs originated in Japan suitable for local needs. In addition, abundant nature in this country provide great opportunity to create educational programs based on nature and wildlife for local children as well as for the whole world. At the same time we provide capacity building programs for young professionals.

Ryuta Takeda

America functions as HUB for exchange of knowledge and personnel between North America and Asia. We also assist in collaboration between schools and research institutes to aid global communication and creating universal educational programs.

Shohei Michael Maekawa

Leave a Nest UK is one of the newest oversea base from Leave a Nest. Where is was established on 4th October 2016. We believe UK is a place with a history of innovation and world changing discoveries. Leave a Nest UK aims to construct a structure to allow more world changing science and technology to come out from UK.